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Pink Iolaus

Tabletop Xmas Tree Mini Small Christmas Pine Tree with LED String

Tabletop Xmas Tree Mini Small Christmas Pine Tree with LED String

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DIY Tree Ornaments:

All tree Ornaments are individually wrapped,so you can decorate them to the Xmas Tree follow your heart,easily get the picture-perfect look you want.

Versatile Christmas Decorations:

This mini tabletop Christmas trees with lights stands 2 feet tall, perfect as a centerpiece, on a table top, mantle or desk, are ideal for decorating homes, offices, or even classrooms, it will light up your space and adding happy holiday ambiance.

Light up Christmas:

This charming table top tree is full with festive atmosphere, you could put this in your kitchen, dinning table or office desk & any other places to make it light the Christmas.


Our artificial mini trees are made of very good PVC materials, safe, non-toxic, light, and looks very realistic. A stable wood base ensures stability and allows your tree to stand. The needles are naturally colored and odorless.


Color: Red&Green

Material: PC

Height: 2 Ft

Stand width 3.5"

Weight: 1.1pounds

Base: plastic box + red cloth

Tree Type:Pine

Battery Type: 2 AA (not included)

Lights: 6.5ft leds warm white string light

Package included:

1 x Christmas Tree

1 x Red Cloth

1 x  base

1 x Golden Christmas Star Tree top

1 x 6.5ft LEDs Warm White Fairy Lights

5 x pine cones

30 x red berry 

24 x  Christmas Balls

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