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100Pcs Dog Pee Training Pads Super Absorbent Leak-proof Quick Dry Pet

100Pcs Dog Pee Training Pads Super Absorbent Leak-proof Quick Dry Pet

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6 Layers Moisture Lock Pee Pad



**6 Layers Moisture Lock Pee Pad*:Each training pad has 6-layer construction to lock moisture. Top non-Woven fabric layer can absorb liquid quickly. The second layer contains activated carbon to eliminate odors. The diamond quilting design ensures liquid flowing in the right direction; and the polymer cotton core can turn liquid into gel instantly. The last two layers(diamond quilting and PE) can keep liquid impermeable and protect your floor from wet.
**No More Unpleasant Odors*:Adopt activated carbon inside pet training pads; it can effectively absorb and reduce the unpleasant odor left in the room after the pet has peed.
**Great Absorbency*:With SAP super absorbent polymer core and fluff pulp; carbon pee pads can hold up to 7 cups of liquid without leakage. Keep your pet feel comfortable and warm for all day; and you won't see wet footprint on the floor or wall any more.
**Wide Compatibility*:Come with S/L/XL Size options; our training pads work perfectly for dogs of all ages; for puppies; adult dogs; elderly canines; incontinence dogs; kittens; cats or other pets.
**All Day Protection*:Our puppy pads pet training pads are a great solution for multi-dog homes and pets that need to stay inside for a long period of time. Can be used under food and water bowls for easier clean-up and less mess; in the car; for Kennel or spot training; near your door to help keep your floors away from muck and mess free!

Friendly Reminder
1. Training Tips:
A) Place Pee Pad:Please place the pee pads for dogs in a fixed position. It is best to put the dog pad on the floor away from the food and sleeping areas of dogs’.
B) Familiarize The Pee Pad:Please gently guide your lovely dog to sniff the charcoal pads for dogs several times in order to familiar with the smell of the pads. If your pet begins to go potty; please take him to where the puppy pad is.
C) Praise/Reward Your Dog:Praise your dog through verbal words to encourage him/her; for example; 'Well-done' or 'Good Dog'; when he or she successfully uses the carbon pee pads. If your dog goes potty somewhere besides the dog training pads; please bring him or she back to the pee pads immediately; let them get used to it.
D) Consolidating Practice:Guide your dog every day to use the pad and reward his/her positive behavior. Once your dog can use the dog pad by himself when unattended; and then you have successfully potty trained him/her.
2. Please timely change the pad for dog according to the pee.

​ Product Type: Dog Pee Pad
Materials: Non-woven Fabric + Cast Film + Pulp + Paper Absorbent Fabric
Size Options: S/L/XL
Quantity: S Size (100Pcs/Bag); L Size (40Pcs/Bag); XL Size (20Pcs/Bag)
S Size Unfold Item Size: 41x31.7x0.1cm/16.14x12.48x0.04in
S Size Folded Item Size: 13x15.8x0.5cm/5.12x6.22x0.2in
Per S Size Item Weight: 14g/0.03lbs
*Package Lists*:

1Bag x Dog Pee Pads

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