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Cat Comb Dog Hair Remover Brush

Cat Comb Dog Hair Remover Brush

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Cat Comb Dog Hair Remover Brush UVC Sterilization Pet Grooming Slicker Needle Comb Removes Tangled Self Cleaning Pet Supplies

Health: Dogs and cats' may suffer from body moss, femoral moss, foot moss, which can affect the health of your beloved pet. This product can be in the process of grooming the cat's hair, but also ultraviolet sterilization, to protect the health of beloved pets.


Germicidal rate of up to 99.8%

Germicidal combing two in one

360 ° comprehensive sterilization

UV lamp application instructions:

1: Each time the machine is turned on, the light automatically irradiated for 3 minutes, after the automatic extinguishing

2, used 3-4 times a week. Charging 4 hours, can be used for 2-3 weeks

3: The light source can not be directed at the eyes, away from children, away from water

CE, FCC, ROHS, UN38.3, EPA registration certificate, MSDS, UV safety testing, microbial sterilization effect testing, battery test report is complete. You can buy with confidence.

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