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Pet/Cat Grooming Hair Removal Glove

Pet/Cat Grooming Hair Removal Glove

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Product name: cat gloves

Product color: gray, pink

Product material: silicone three-layer composite mesh

Product size: 23 * 17 * 1.8 cm

Net weight of product: 0.08kg

Product packaging: transparent opp bag


1. Comfortable body feeling comes from careful design, farewell to the traditional hard tooth comb, soft comb teeth, close to the cat's tongue barb, soft touch, the master can not resist.

2. The soft massage head will not hurt the cat's skin. The ergonomic glove design is more labor-saving.

3. It is easy to clean, and the whole body can be cleaned. When taking a bath, it will produce rich foam and save shower gel. Suitable for pets, such as cats and dogs.

4. The elastic design has no binding and no hair sticking, and it fits the hand shape and is easy to comb.It is versatile, comfortable and convenient, and easy to roll the cat.

Package Included:

1 * Cat gloves

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